Causes and Spread of Infections

Topics: Bacteria, Immune system, Organism Pages: 6 (1674 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Paige Edwards
Unit 4222-265
Causes and spread of infection

outcome 1- to understand the causes of infections
identify the differences between bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

1) Bacteria is a organism that is present in most habitats, as well as human bodies and other living organisms such as plants and animals. Bacteria multiplies by its self to progress and spread. Unlike other infections such as viruses, fungi or parasites bacteria is not always harmful in fact in many cases bacteria can be useful to the living organisms,habitats or plants that it infects. Viruses are a small infectious agent that can only multiply inside the cells of living organisms although unlike bacteria, fungi and parasites viruses are not living organisms. Viruses can infect any living organism such as humans, plants and animals. Viruses multiply by spreading from organism to organism for example viruses can be spread from human to human by coughing or sneezing. Fungi a fungi is a member of a large group of eukaryotic organisms this means that each of the cells contain membranes. Fungi can be identified through mushrooms, toadstools and yeast. Common yeast infections that are found within the human body are infections such as thrush which can be overcome by a course of anti-biotics. parasites are small organisms which depend on other living organisms to survive such as headlice depend on the blood from humans in order to survive and reproduce. Bacteria and viruses could both be parasites.

2) identify common illnesses and infections caused by bacteria,fungi,viruses and parasites. bacteria| Fungi| viruses| Parasites|
ear infections
whooping cough| thrush
ring worm
athletes foot| aids
| headlice

3) Describe what is meant by infection and colonisation.
Infection is a word which is used to describe when organism’s bodily tissues are damaged or infected by organisms multiplying and causing harm to the tissue by the toxins that they produce or the damage they cause. Infections can be caused by parasites, viruses and fungi. Colonisation is a word used to describe when a infection is found within the body that doesn’t cause irritation or have any signs or symptoms. it means that bacteria is present on the surface for example skin, mouth, intestines or airway.

4) Explain what is meant by the term systemic infection and localised infection. Systemic infection
A systemic infection is the result of a virus or can occur when bacteria enters the body through infection, the bloodstream is the most effected characteristic by this infection as a result of this the symptoms spread to the whole of the body. When the infection is spread throughout the body pathogen is passed through the body, which is anything that can cause a disease, humans come into contact with pathogens on a daily basis and in most cases the immune systems are strong enough to fight pathogens off. When the pathogen is passed through the body bacterial toxins are produced which is the reason for systemic infections. The most common type of these infections are colds and flu’s. When a person is suffering from a systemic infection they will more than likely experience the feeling of aches, nausea and weakness. Localised infection

A local infection is a infection which only effects only one part of the body and occurs on the outer surface of the body which as a result of this means that the infection does not enter the bloodstream .Localised infections could be only minor infections such as a cut on the knee. 5) Identify poor practices that may lead to the spread of a infection. Poor practice can lead to the spread and cause of infections. Everybody on a daily basis is open to catch and spread infections, this is by taking part in poor practice. Poor practice could be poor hygiene which means -not washing your hands after toileting

-not wearing PPE
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