Causes and Effects of Violation in Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College Among College Maritime Student Sy 2012-2013

Topics: High school, Behaviorism, Education Pages: 13 (3451 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Chapter 1
Problem and its Background


Violation is another term for an offence or an infraction. All of these terms generally mean an act of Disobeying a law or a legal order. There are several categories of violation that exist at various levels Of the legal system. Committing violation can result in a variety of consequences dependeing on the type of disobedient behavior

A violation is a wrong doing or some tpye of disobedience. Everyone is generally bound by the laws in the jurisdiction when they are. Where a person is determines what is or is not a violation. There may be laws that exist in one jurisdiction that do not exist in another. When a person acts illegally he violates the law and may be held accountable.

This is often true even if the individual did not know that the law existed when he broke it. In some instances, sincere, mistake, even when illegal, are overlooked or excused. There is a wide range of consequences for violation, however, and which consequences are imposed generally depends on several factors

Another factor considered is the number of previous violations a person has or how many he comitted on a given occasion. When a person commits too many violations. It can appear to authorities that he has blatant disregard for the law. This can result in pa person being subjected to severe consequences he otherwise would not endure

Vioalation is the act or action violating or the quality or state of being violated. It is when a person where did not follow the rules and regulation makes him a violator. Violation is also conducted when a person did not comply to a certain rules that was made to make a person become responsible.

Rules and regulation is a common document in which students,teacher,directors of study, head of department etc. Will find their rights and responsibilities describeb the university and its activities are determined by a general set of regulation where in particular. The higher education act and the higher education ordinance should be mention. The aim of the rules and regulation in this concept is to be more precise and complement the present general regulations.

The rationale behind the rules and regulation that is that they should function as a support in our day to day work. The rules and regulation are bases on the fact that the university has a responsibility towards it’s students and staff at the same time.

Laws are not how ever, the only way a person’s behavior can be legally dictated. There are some authorities that do not make laws but which have the authority to issue order. For example, a worker at the department of child support enforcement. Can order a non custodial parent to pay a certain amount in child support each month. If this person does not adhere to this order, a violation is comitted and get legal action can be taken

The same is true in instance where people are placed o probation. The terms of one person’s probation may differ from those of another inidividual. Each set of orders, however, is legally binding and refusal to follow any one of them is a violation. These types of infractions can often result in consequences similar to violation where laws are broken.

Violation is also one of the negative sign that an specific student has no self discipline. As we all know to become a successful mariner we have to develope our self discipline. Are the student aware that if we want to become globally competitive we have to reach the standard of a qualified mariners and one of the most important is discipline.

There are some study that why student CME from DCLC has the most major violation? Study shows that they came from different colleges thats is not much concern about student attitude and awareness of their own institute. Some student tell us its all about “PAKISAMA” these means that one of the reason is influence from sorroundings and friends.

Violation of CME student in this institution is also a...
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