Causes and Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Causes and Effects of Teenage Pregnancy
Teenage pregnancy causes many complications. Young people cannot take on the responsibility of having a child, and from the health point of view, it is also not advisable. Enjoy sex, but take precautions as well. Effects

Highlights of the Causes
* Long term relationships lead to pregnancy. Precautions may not be taken in such a situation. * Carefree sex or rather casual sex without thinking too much about it. * Lack of sufficient knowledge of the preventive measures. * Immaturity.

* Lack of guidance from elders.
* Hushed up affairs.
* Rape
* Lack of self-control
* Experimenting
* Not using birth control devices or birth control failure. * Passion
* Physical changes in the body system, detrimental to the health of the teenager. * Having to take on adult responsibilities they are not ready for in life. *   Complications due to lack of knowledge of handling it. * Body systems not attuned to early pregnancies and can result in miscarriage or pregnant defects. * Uterus expands. Need to consult a doctor for further sexual activity. * Emotional trauma of handling a child at such an early age. * Changes in lifestyles, affecting the overall personality. * Lose out on usual teenage activities and fun.

* Termination of pregnancy affects the general health.
* Teenage activities such as drinking, smoking, eating fast foods, taking drugs have negative impact on pregnancy. * Has to consult doctor about her activities during pregnancy and also later, if required. Chromosomal Abnormalities

Miscarriages caused by chromosomal abnormalities are random occurrences. More than half of miscarriages are caused by chromosomal abnormalities. These are problems with the structure or number of chromosomes in the embryo or with the genes that the chromosomes carry.
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