Causes and Effects of Gender Inequality - Essay

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Thao Nguyen
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October 19, 2012
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Causes and Effects of Gender Inequality
Throughout history, countless acts of gender inequality can be identified; the causes of these discriminating accounts can be traced back to different causes. The general morality of the inequity relies on a belief that men are superior to women; because of this idea, women have spent generations suffering under their counterparts. Also, a common expectation is that men tend to be more assertive and absolute because of their biological hormones or instinctive intellect. Another huge origin is sexual discrimination; even in the world today, many women are viewed by men as just sex objects rather than a real human being with standards and morals; due to carnal ideas, some men can also suffer from a gender stereotype. However it may occur, the main causes of gender differences can be traced back to a belief in male dominance, the biological hormones and intelligence of men and women, and sexual themes.

The presumption of male dominance has existed for a lengthy time; in ancient Greece, men ruled the cities while the women had to support the home. Medieval society, much like Greece, was completely dominated by men; according to Sally Smith’s “Women and Power in the Late Medieval English Village: a reconsideration”, “Women carried out the majority of tasks that took place in the medieval house, such as cooking, cleaning and activities associated with child rearing.” During this era, men set a list of laws that prohibited women from marrying without their parent’s consent, owning businesses, owning property unless they were widows, and having part in politics. On the other hand, men had all of these privileges. Women have slowly been able to obtain their rights. In the first half of the twentieth century, there have been few incidents where women got to assume the same roles as men; for example, during World War I, the men of the world went off to war...
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