Causes and Effects of Crohn's Disease

Topics: Gastroenterology, Digestion, Crohn's disease Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Case Study of a 14 Year old Girl
In this particular case study a 14 year old girl goes to see her doctor for what her and her mother suspect is just a common, painful canker sore (Karlin Krebs, 2011). While the doctor is discussing the girl’s problem and asking what symptoms she is having. The doctor is finding out a lot more is going on than just a sore in her mouth.

“Brianna” has been complaining of some sores in her mouth that she has been getting on and off in the past year. These sores have also been affecting her daily life. Since the sores are VERY painful she can only eat certain foods that do not require a lot of effort in chewing, such as soups, yogurt, and applesauce (Karlin Krebs, 2011). At one time “Brianna’s” mother thought the problems in her mouth may be associated with their dental hygiene products, but found that was not the problem.

As the doctor gets talking to “Brianna” and her mother he discovers that not only does she have the mouth sores she also has been feverish, having stomach pains, feeling very sick to her stomach, as well as feeling very tired and drained out. She also has diarrhea that gets so bad that at night it wakes her outta a dead sleep and makes her run to the bathroom and even sometimes have accidents (Karlin Krebs, 2011). Her mother can never recall her daughter having any serious problems other than getting her pancreas out and a sprained ankle. But “Brianna” had no problems at birth, developmental or growth throughout her life. But as the doctor gets more

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into depth about “Brianna” her mother starts discussing their family history he discovers that “Brianna’s” grandmother had a history of Crohn’s Disease then died of Cancer. “Brianna” is also up to date with all of her vaccines including HPV, Meningitis, and both Hepatitis A and B (Karlin Krebs, 2011). She also was not taking any medications on a regular basis but since the sores have appeared she has been taking zinc lozenges and...
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