Causes and Effects of Bullying

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  • Published : September 1, 2012
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Causes and Effects of Bullying The road that you take today impacts the rest of your life. It can impact your whole generation and generation to come. It can also change someone’s life in a dramatic way. The causes and effects of bullying can do all of the things mentioned above. Bulling can create thoughts of suicide, depression, low self-confidence and many more symptoms. The reason why kids bully is because they want attention, come from a broken family, like having power over peer, or take their feelings out on others.

Bullying is usually defined as a subset of aggressive behavior characterized by repetition and an imbalance of power (Smith 1). A lot of kids bully because they come from a family that abuses them or neglects them. They take their frustrations out on kids who are seems lonely, friendless or stand out from the crowd. According Jessica Cheever, “Children who lack adult supervision or who are abused at home are more likely to become bullies.” Those kids don’t have the loving environment that they need turns out to be a bully. They are broken inside and turn to bullying as way to satisfy the longing that they have. Children, whose parents abuse them, may sometimes find bulling as a way to take out their stress, sadness, and madness. Their parents may have find it no need to punish their children when they do something wrong. In that case the children will find it okay for them to do whatever it is they want. The bullies themselves are the victims. People that have low self-esteem bully other people just to make them feel better about themselves. But some researchers, such as Dr.Lipkins, say bullies are self-confident kids. Bullies tend to be aggressive, impulsive, and demanding. Bullies need all the attention they can get. It makes them feel special. In some cases they think bullying looks cool. It gives a popularity that you...
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