Causes and Effects of Being Prejudice

Topics: Human, Thought, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: March 4, 2013
In 2007 Yale conducted a study revealing that blacks are three times as likely to receive the death penalty as whites, even when conducting completely similar crimes. In addition, those who kill whites are treated more severely than those who kill minorities, when it comes to deciding the charges to bring. Being the reason for diving races, people and cultures being prejudice caused multiple strong impacts on society. Quite literally, being prejudice means to pre-judge. Forming an opinion of something or someone before learning the facts. What is prejudice, why some are prejudiced and the result of being prejudiced are all important topics that will be covered in this paper.

As stated before, being prejudice consist of literally pre-judging. Meaning that being prejudice isn’t factual based opinions, it’s assumed prior to factual information. Also, tells us that prejudice is based off of generalized thought – placing a characteristic on a human being only because he or she is part of a certain group. Although, it may not be as big as a problem in Bozeman compared to other cities, that doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. These small problems may eventually lead us, like we’ve already partially done, to generalize large sums of people. Perhaps ‘ghettoizing’ (is that a word? If it is, have I found out a new word? If it isn’t, yay! I’m an inventor!) large groups of people – once again, not necessarily a problem in Bozeman.

Everyone makes generalizations that frequently turn out to be false; it’s human nature. “Blacks are better at sport” or “women are more romantic than men” are both prejudice opinions. Seemingly harmless, they are both often made, and are still prejudice. There’s no way of fighting that they’re not. As stated before, being prejudice means to be pre-judged; forming an opinion before learning the facts. Elaborating on the small and innocent statement “it’s human nature”, perhaps it allows us, as humans, to ‘categorize’ the world in...
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