Causes and Consequences of Problems in the Africa

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Title of the Paper: Causes and Consequences of Problems in the Africa

Matej Skolar
ENG 102 English Composition
Alan Dykstra
Informative essay
November 29, 2012

Africa, the second biggest continent on Earth with over one billion population, lies in series of problems. Daily, the people living there suffer from insufficient amount of water, food and medical care. Despite of the decade’s tragedies, starvation, conflicts and many other issues, which has been ignored, simplified, and focusing just on limited aspects of these problems. The deep analysis is often lacking and the background context is missing of the real situation in the Africa. To include, the conditions in some African countries are not good for the production of food thanks to the unfertile soils in certain locations. Most of the starving population lives in countries for example Kenya, Ethiopia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Somalia which are located in the East and in the South of the continent. Many organizations and countries from the “Western World” are trying to find the potential solutions which may solve the problems in Africa. Whether it is right or it makes the situation worse that the organizations are sending food and other things when African nation’s exports crops to other parts of the world are not often asked on mainstream. Poverty, hunger and conflicts in some African countries are also resulting in high level of migration to the world, mostly to Europe and Northern America.

In the first place there must some reasons that the conditions are that devastating in Africa. As the population is rapidly growing the food productions stays the same or decreases. Factors like pollution, depletion of the fertile soils, deforestation affect the African food productivity. The Northern part is covered by Sahara desert and the population of those states usually lives along the coast, rivers and oases. The most food productive locations are along the Mediterranean coast and the river Nile. Majority of the soil is not fertile and unable to grow the crops because it is covered with sand. However, the population is able to grow enough to feed themselves also thanks to fishery. The northern African states are Islamic and the life quality is not bad as the other countries in the south. This is thanks to tourism and natural resources which brings wealth to the economy of the countries. Some parts of Africa south to Sahara desert are the only part of the world where the food production remains stagnant for over 40 years. Daily 180 million people do not have enough food to lead normal and productive lives. This makes the population more susceptible to the major illnesses like malaria HIV and many others. The poverty is characterized by the people in those parts of the Africa who live with less than on dollar per day (Sanchez, 2002). Even though the soil may be very fertile in the locations, there is a huge lack of agriculture and high amount of depletion along with diseases, pests which adulterate the quality of the soil. In the western Africa where the majority of the fertile soil takes place is becoming overcrowded. Other very fertile locations are in south east part of Africa in countries like Mozambique, Zambia and South African Republic. The rain forest and big rivers and lakes give the great conditions for farming, and animal production. Basically, the way of life in some African countries where people are populating the fertile and nutrient soils is not right to increase the food production. The soil is becoming depleted and is missing the nutrients to improve the quality and possibility to grow something. The traditional way to improve the nutrient quality of the soils is in the use of mineral fertilizes. However, the fertilizers are two or six times more expensive as those in Europe and America if they would be imported (Sanchez, 2002). In case the fertilizers would have been transported there is a problem with...
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