Causes and Consequences of Deforestation

Topics: Agriculture, Deforestation, Slash and burn Pages: 2 (250 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Causes of Deforestation:
Deforestation is happening due to many reasons. Some are the common reasons are: • Urban and Construction purpose
• Population growth
• To grow crops
• Agricultural practices
• To create cattle grazing lands
• Climate change
• Cut the woods for using fuel
• Clearing forests for mining and oil exploitation
• Making roads and highways
• Slash and burn forming techniques
• Wildfire
• Acid rain
• Greenhouse effect
• Making products from woods
Consequences of Deforestation:
There are two types of consequences of deforestation:
• Positive Consequences
• Negative Consequences
Positive Consequences:
Deforestation has made possible the needs of the social groups. Forests are the way for residential houses, building and factories. Roads are building for trading and easier transports. Deforestation also made possible to produce agricultural products. The lands are used for agriculture. This brought more productions of foods and other materials. Economically deforestation contributed much and made positive changes in the lives of humans. Negative Consequences:

The negative consequences are:
• Exposing of soil
• Flooding
• Drought
• Disruption of water cycle
• Loss of biodiversity
• Climate change
• Desertification
• Shrinking beauty
• Increased population
• Irreversible environmental changes
How to prevent deforestation:
Deforestation should be controlled. There are some suggestions which should be considered. • Reforestation/Plantation
• Wildlife sanctuaries: not only save the wild animals, but also save the woods and trees. • Commercial forest plantation
• Water management: improper water management causes the deforestation. This should be controlled. • Use recycled items
• Farming practices
• Become an advocate: learn how the person can spread the word. • Support conservative organization: support the organization through donation, money, time etc....
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