Cause or the American Revolution

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  • Published : December 13, 2006
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Americans wanted their own freedom from British Parliamentary rule, which was the main cause of the American Revolution. The two main contributors to the American Revolution are arguably both political and economic. The harsh and unfair British Parliamentary laws restricted the colonists from having their freedom by imposing drastic measures on the colonists. The economic side is that the British force ridiculous taxes on the colonists and used the colonies to make a profit for themselves. I disagree that the main cause of the American Revolution was economic conflict because the colonists wanted freedom, which was their main motivation, and economic conflict was a contributor to the action taken by the colonists. Freedom, harsh Parliamentary laws, and economic conflict all gave the colonists reasons to revolt and rebel to gain independence.

Colonists wanted to be free and independent from Britain, because the British were using the colonies just to make a profit. The colonists were enraged by the laws the Parliament tried to enforce on them, but rebelled and boycotted and made pretend the laws didn't even exist. The British tried to make it seem like they ruled the colonies and they were just part of the British empire, but over time and with the help of the French, the colonists broke free of the greedy British and exposed them for who they really were. When the Declaration of Independence was signed, the colonists got what they were fighting for and the British couldn't stop them.

The political aspect of the American Revolution was that the British government wasn't letting colonists own certain land or go certain places. The colonists had to abide by new laws made very frequently so that they wouldn't defeat the British without a fight. Most people disobeyed the laws and acted as if they didn't exist, and many people were sentenced unjustly for doing so. The British are always making new laws stating whether or not colonists can do certain...
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