Cause of Somalia Famine

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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causeCauses of Famine in Somalia
Are you aware that more than 1,300,000 people are struggling to survive in Somalia because of the famine? 100,000 people have died from malnutrition and more than half these deaths have happened to children in Somalia’s worst famine in generations. Four main factors severe drought, extreme poverty, anarchy and local authorities and donor polices are blamed for the massive famine. This essay will analyze these three causes of the widespread famine in Somalia. The first cause of the famine in Somalia is the severe drought. Rainfall during the deyrseason in late 2010 in many areas of the Greater Horn was at the lowest recorded level in 50 years (Fewsnet, 2011). When the drought occurs, the low productivities of timber, agriculture and fishing industries, which means food shortage and lower income will come along and lead to higher commodity pricing. In other words, people’s ability to access to food becomes weaker. Statistics from (Fewsnet, 2011) show that the dramatically decreased crop production and growing livestock mortality influenced negatively the availability of food and the sales of livestock, one of the most common income sources for Somali. With the scarce of local food raised the food price, the simultaneous climbing price of food globally exacerbated the situation in Somalia that depends largely on imported food even in the enough-rainfall years. According to Mindy (2011), he believes that it’s the failed Somalia government with corruption problem caused the terrible famine. However, corruption isn’t occurred just in Somalia. Almost all the governments around the world have this issue. But why Somalia has famine? You have to admit that the widespread drought causes crop failure that means food shortage, lower income and raising price of food. Eventually, famine happens and spread widely. The second cause of the famine has to do with poverty. No one could deny that famine is caused by the simple absence of food. But...
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