Cause of Run Away Children

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Causes of Run Away Children
Between 1.6 and 2.8 million youth run away from home each year. Sometimes parent realized too late that there is a problem and the child end up a runaway. Many children runs away from home due to much damaged family conditions, such as, parents that are separated, alcohols or drugs, and finally abuse in the family.

Similarity, children who have parents that are separated or divorced have difficultly understanding and accepting the situation, which causes to push children to break away from home. Constant quarrel of parents causes children to feel insecure. These children feel they have little say in the matter and have no support in times of trouble. Since there are no parental assistant in their time of need, they’ll seek comfort from else where. Furthermore, children from an environment with parents involve with alcohol or drugs think the easiest way to deal with them is to escape the negativity from home. Children in these predicaments want to forget the awful circumstances for something prominent. Simply they don’t like the kind of life style or the regulation of family they are living in. Moreover, violence in the family or abuse enables children to look for appropriate way of solving their problem, which may contribute toward making the decision to retreat for freedom. Those who come from an abusive family feel the need to disappear to avoid the physical and emotional distress. The children sense the need to protect themselves with any mean necessary.

The foremost issue that causes children to run away is family matter. Because they are unable to face the pressure and the difficulty surrounding them they leave home. One clear way to aid children avert runway is to communicate, pay attention, give advice or assistance, and attempt to resolve the problems.
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