Cause of Muslim Deterioration

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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A contemporary commentator once observed that just as perversion has set in Western society, it has also taken root in Muslim society. Then how do you regard Western civilization as being wrong and Islamic civilization as being right? This objection, if we examine it, will be found to be ill judged, because our comparison of Western and Islamic civilization makes a judgment on the basis of standards versus behavior. The deterioration of Muslim society is the result of deviation from Islam, while the deterioration of Western society is the result of putting into practice the very principles in which it believes. The evils of Muslim societies stem from the gap between principle and practice, whereas the evils of Western society are the result of a clash between principles and realities. The Western civilization of modern times has formed principles independent of religious principles, to govern social life, and has maintained that modern principles were superior to older principles. Through colonization and the industrial revolution, etc. the Western nations achieved political and material domination over large areas of the world, which placed them in a position to reject the old principles of life and construct a human society based on modern principles. This experiment in ethics has now been going on with the dominance of Western nations for more than a century, but practical experiments have failed to verify the new principles. All that has been accomplished is to effectively demonstrate that the new principles favored by the West are completely incompatible with what nature intends for humankind. The clash between ideals and reality has, in fact, given rise to ever-increasing manifestations of depravity in Western life. While the solution to moral backsliding in Muslim societies lies in a return to the Islamic principles adhered to in the past, this cannot be said about the West. If Western society retreats to its past, this return will be a return to exactly...
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