Cause of Crime

Topics: Crime, Poverty, Violence Pages: 3 (739 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Causes of Crime
In this modern era, many crimes keep happening around the world.  A crime is the breaking of rules or law for which some governing authority can ultimately prescribe a conviction. Crimes that we usually find in newspaper are the disappearance of children, threats, kidnappings and many more. The causes of crime include poor parenting, failure education, media violence and poverty. One of the causes of crime is poor parenting. According to Currie and Tekin (April 2006), maltreatment child have more probability to commit in crimes. According to Bloom (2011), parents serve as role models through direct interactions with their children. For example, if the parent is a robber, their children will probably imitate them and become a robber too. Therefore, parents should be a good example for their children to reduce the crimes rate among the children. Furthermore, lack of education may lead to people committing crimes. Refer to Kyzsaikal and Rysgul (2011), lack of education lead to unemployment. The people who are unemployed have no enough money to live. They may steal or rob for the money and thus cause the crimes. Besides, people who are educated are probably less involved in crimes. They are more patient and also not likely to take risk to commit a crime (as in Becker and Milligan (1997)). Overall, proper education is needed to control the incidence of crime in the society. In addition, another cause of the crime committed in society is poverty. According to Idasa (2008), desperate circumstances in which the underprivileged feel they are and want a better life like those who are rich is one of the causes of crime. It shows that people from lower socioeconomic levels commit crimes more compared to those who are rich. According to McGrath (2009), those who are poor may commit crimes like deal drugs for income when the desperation for funds become more severe. Their financial situation forces them to earn money by illegal way. Overall, the eradication...
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