Cause & Effect Road Rage

Topics: Road, Lane, Driving Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: October 20, 2011
Susan Berg
English 155
Mr. Campbell
Cause and Effect Essay-Road Rage
In today’s society, it seems that there is an increasing amount of vehicles on the nations road ways, therefore, increasing the chances of road rage. Many people are moving to areas that more inclusive to their jobs, their children’s schools, or areas where housing is more affordable. This is adding to the chances that more and more people will become aggressive and you will experience an episode of a driver that will address their anger or emotions by road rage.

Other causes of road rage today may include the addition of our teenagers in a hurry to get their driver licenses so that they may drive back and forth to school and pick up their friends, and a lot of parents are okay with this because it takes a burden off of them and frees up their time schedules so that they don’t have to take time to and pick up their kids and chaperone them all over. This causes an additional fluctuation of vehicles on our roadways, and we can almost bet that at least once, there will be an altercation between a teenager and an unhappy driver on the roadway first thing in the morning, especially during rush hour traffic.

To me, the biggest cause of road rage that I witness today on or during my time on the road is someone talking or texting on their cell phone. When a driver is talking or texting, they are not really focused on the task at hand, which is driving. I witness these causes on a daily basis and wish that there was more police on the highways and roads in between to take advantage of the chance to write the ticket that is so deserving from my point of view. I am proactive to the fact that a blue tooth device is a life saver and it is not being enforced on our roadways today. When a driver is talking on their cell phone, they are distracted and it can cause them to swerve into other lanes and either cause an accident or really upset another...
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