Cause/Effect Essay: Teenage Rebellion

Topics: Sociology, Prison, Erving Goffman Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: October 16, 2010


Kisha Porcher

September 22, 2010

Sociology in a Global Perspective

Professor Catalina Erwin

Argosy University Online

Re-socialization is the process of forcing people to conform to the laws of their society. These people are usually locked up away from the rest of society, having the majority of their privileges and freedom taken away. At times they are able to earn certain privileges, that we as a society take for granted, back as a reward for acceptable behavior. People in “total institutions” are then taught, forced and even sometimes beaten or tortured into conformity of the law and/or society's idea of natural behavior. (Macionis, 1996)

Correctional facilities are a prime example of a “total institution” where the staff set rules and monitor behavior to ensure the staff is “radically changing an inmate's personality by carefully controlling the environment.” (Macionis, 1996; Goffman, 1961) “Initially employees oversee all aspects of the day to day practices, including where occupants or inmates “eat, sleep and work.” (p. 91)The inmates are then, at times, subjected to verbal abuse and even their recreation time is “controlled and standardized” to maintain complete control over the them. (p. 91)

Society believes “re socialization” is important to maintaining order in the world. The ultimate goal is to prevent prejudice, violence and anger toward people who do not fit into the mold society has created for the world. “Rehabilitation, creating a change in the criminal's attitude or resources so that crime is neither a desired or necessary activity. A requirement of this last objective is that both an alternative means of making a living and of satisfying internal needs must be provided.” (Duffee, 1989; Champion, 1990)

“Some existing correctional systems, that in Texas for example, use punishment as the primary operand while others, such as Massachusetts and Connecticut, stress rehabilitation....
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