Cause and Effects of Teen Drug Abuse

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  • Published : August 15, 2011
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Teen Drug Abuse in America
In today’s society drugs are taking away our children’s lives and it is making headlines every day. “In Vancouver, Washington, a 13-year old boy was found dead after allegedly swallowing twenty-four cold-medicine pills to get high” (Taylor 45). “Nine Florida middle-school students were taken to the hospital after their strange behavior and illness at school led school officials to discover that they had overdosed on an over-the-counter cold medication” (Taylor 45). “A children’s hospital in Wisconsin treated two teenage girls for liver failure after they consumed close to 20 tablets containing a common cold remedy.” (Taylor 45). There are many more cases like this happening every day. Why is drug abuse increasing amongst American teens? Teens use drugs because of curiosity, family influence, and painful emotions. One reason for teen drug use is curiosity to experiment with drugs. Some children are left at home during the summer or after school and become bored. They try drugs to cure their boredom. “Two major conditions necessary for drug and alcohol use, is availability and acceptability” (Teen Drug Abuse 26). “In a recent survey of high school students, more than 70% of students reported it was easy to buy drugs at school” (Teen Abuse 26). They often use drugs if it fits toward them so they can find the drug that best fits them. “During their adolescence, drug use by peers and older role models are strong influences on teens’ experimentation and regular use habits” (Teen Drug Abuse 26). The places where they can find drugs are in the most common and innocent place and even places of learning. Drugs are found in high schools consist of marijuana, alcohol, pain killers, saliva, crystal meth, and even cocaine. “Kids who seek these and other effects can buy the drug at a local store, find it in medicine cabinets at home.” (Teen Abuse of LEGAL Drugs is serious Medicine 46). And sometimes they hang around other children that do drugs together as a group. “Unlike other adolescents, these addicted teen moved into peer groups that embrace drug use” (Teen Drug Abuse 26). You may think that if you keep using a particular drug, you will be addicted to it, but that does not always happen. “Most adolescent who experiment with drugs and alcohol do not become addicted” (Teen Drug Abuse 26). But it is bad enough they get too comfortable of using drugs, they often don’t care about the trouble that comes with it. “Those who move onward to abuse and addiction do not stop with occasional use. They begin to use marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol on a regular basis, and will seek the drugs even when they begin to suffer negative consequences” (Teen Drug Abuse 26). The negative consequence affects the daily life of drug abusers but destroys future. Also, another reason that children abuse drugs is that they are affected by the parents’ home lifestyle. “Although peer influence is a large force in teenagers’ lives, families continue to have much influence on their teenagers” (Teen Drug Abuse 28). The parent’s reasons are different, some may not allow drugs, but there some parents that allow their children to do drugs. “If substance is legal or adults, parents tend to think it’s safe for use by children” (Teen Drug Abuse 28). Parents allow drugs or alcohol to be used around the house with them there and having it at parties that their children are hosting. “They believe that supervised drinking is not harmful, and they purchase alcohol for parties for their teens, and share their cigarettes with their teens” (Teen Drug Abuse 28). Some parents even have the medicines open to have easy access and their children lured themselves in of taking them. They also give them prescription medicine to use when they are not feeling well.”Not only are medication with high addictive potential stored in easily accessible cabinets, parents will give their pain killers, tranquilizers, and stimulants to their children for relief of mild...
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