Cause and Effects of Mtv

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  • Published: May 13, 2011
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MTV is one of the most popular T.V stations among teenagers. Along with being one of the most popular, MTV is also one of the most influential. When it comes to teenagers, their minds are like clay, waiting to be shaped and molded into more advanced adult like minds. When put together an extremely popular and influential T.V station, and a teenage mind, there tends to be an effect of some sort. The effect of MTV on young minds is like the power a dictator holds over his people. Its starting a craze among many, changing the way a teen thinks, and corrupting the only purity or innocence one has left. MTV has all sorts of effects on different people. Although the effect MTV has on people is relatively negative there are also some positive effects. Such as rock the vote introduced in 1990 to encourage everybody to vote in the presidential elections, reassuring the fact that each vote counts. By celebrities’ participating in these campaign adds and videos, it showed the public that everybody needs to participate in the elections. MTV airing these commercials strongly influenced young adults to vote. Being that MTV aired these made it even more of a pressing issue for those 18 years of age and above to make the decision to vote. Almost everyone has grown up eagerly staring at music videos on MTV and wanting nothing else on this planet than to be the guy or girl on that screen. Trends are set with every new video that comes out. But MTV causes such emphasis on these looks or ways to act that the result is crazes. Justin Beiber is plastered all over MTV with his signature hair that makes all of the girls go wild. Now every little boy is asking for the Beiber cut in the barber’s chair. When Britney Spears premiered her new hit video on TRL live “I’m not a girl not yet a woman” in 2003, she not only premiered a new video but the brand new style of ultra low cut light flare jeans. It seemed like the very next day every teenage girl in the world had a pair or desperately...
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