Cause and Effects of Forest Fires

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, Cellular respiration Pages: 2 (330 words) Published: February 20, 2011
Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration, and Global Warming

Student Goals

By the end of this chapter students should be able to do the following: ▪ Use the greenhouse effect to show the relationship between rising carbon dioxide concentration and temperature levels. ▪ Diagram the flow of carbon, including the input from human activities. ▪ Name at least three ways they could reduce their contribution to greenhouse emissions. ▪ Show how photosynthesis and respiration affect global warming.

Lecture Outline

4.1 The Greenhouse Effect
A. Carbon dioxide is the major gas contributing to global warming. B. The greenhouse effect occurs when reflected heat from the earth is trapped in the atmosphere. C. Water helps to moderate the earth’s temperature by storing and releasing heat.

4.2 The Flow of Carbon
A. Carbon travels through organisms as well as the soil, water, and air. Many human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, release large amounts of carbon. B. Rising temperatures are directly related to the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide.

4.3 Cellular Respiration
A. ATP is the universal storage molecule for energy.
B. Cellular respiration is a series of chemical steps that use oxygen to break down carbohydrates, releasing carbon dioxide, water, and ATP. C. The two forms of cellular respiration are aerobic and anaerobic i)Aerobic respiration

a. Stages
b. Location
c. Number of ATPs produced per glucose molecule
ii)Anaerobic respiration
a. Stages
b. Location
c. Number of ATPs produced per glucose molecule
d. can occur through fermentation

4.4 Photosynthesis
A. Plants transform the energy of the sun in a two-step process (light and dark): (1) taking in carbon dioxide and water and (2) producing carbohydrates and oxygen....
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