Cause and Effects of Electric Shock to a Human Body

Topics: Electricity, Electric charge, Electrical engineering Pages: 5 (1890 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Chapter I
Background of the Study
Did you know that all of us are exposed to the risk of electric shock? We are all surrounded by electrical appliances and machinery which exposed us to risk. This study allows us to know the basic information, the causes and effects, and the preventive measure because according to the National Safety Council there are about 600 to 1000 people die every year from electrocution. It continues to rank as the fourth highest cause of industrial facilities, among traffic accidents, violence or homicide, and construction accidents. Electrocution or electric shock is one of the serious problems we always encounter. Death can occur from any shock that carry enough current to stop the heart. The greater the use of electricity, however, the greater the opportunity for electric accidents and incidents. Statement of the Problem

This study informs us the causes and effect of electric shock and the basic preventive measure in handling electricity. Specifically, it aimed to answer the following questions:
1. What is electric shock?
2. What are the different causes of electric shock?
3. What are the effects of electric shock to a human body?
4. What are the ways to prevent electric shock?
Importance of the Study
This research identifies the causes and effect of electric shock to a human body and is directed towards benefiting the following: Electrical Engineering students: this study helps them to become aware of the causes and effects of electric shock since they will be handling electricity in their study. Electronics and Electrical Engineer: this study gives them information of the possible causes and effects of electric shock that will be needed in their work. Every Member of the Family: this study helps them to be aware of the possible causes and effects of electric shock since we are all exposed to the risk of electric shock. Scope and Limitation

This study aimed to identify or determine the different causes and effects of electric shock to a human body. It involved identifying the possible source of electric current that can cause electric shock and its possible effect to the human body. Definition of Terms

Electric charge- a property of some subatomic particles, which determines their electromagnetic interactions. Electrically charged matter is influenced by, and produces, electromagnetic fields. Electric current - the flow of electricity or the rate of flow of an electric charge through a cable, wire, or other conductor. Electrical Potential or Voltage- the capacity of an electric field to do work on an electric charge typically measured in volts. Conductor - a substance, body, or medium that allows heat, electricity, light, or sound to pass along it or through it. Metals are good conductors of heat because of the high concentration of free electrons they contain.

Chapter 2
Electricity, one of the basic forms of energy. Electricity is associated with electric charge, a property of certain elementary particles such as electrons and protons, two of the basic particles that make up the atoms of all ordinary matter. Electric charges can be stationary, as in static electricity, or moving, as in an electric current. Electrical activity takes place constantly everywhere in the universe. Electrical forces hold molecules together. The nervous systems of animals work by means of weak electric signals transmitted between neurons (nerve cells). Electricity is generated, transmitted, and converted into heat, light, motion, and other forms of energy through natural processes, as well as by devices built by people. Electricity is an extremely versatile form of energy. It can be generated in many ways and from many different sources. It can be sent almost instantaneously over long distances. Electricity can also be converted efficiently into other forms of energy, and it can be stored. Because of this versatility, electricity plays a part in nearly every...
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