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Cause and Effect Technology

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Cause and Effect Technology

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  • November 2012
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Advancements of Technology

Technology has changed the way we live drastically. Various pros and cons arrived with the availability and accessibility of different forms of technology. Certain devices make life much easier while some are simply schemes to burn holes in our pockets. The convenience of the internet keeps families that have members spread through all over the world together. Different technologies have taken over all of our lives, including the lives of our younger one’s lives to the point where health issues are now a problem.

In this day and age technology comes and goes extremely quickly. When buying a computer the typical rule is to go big once and hold for a few years. If you wait for one more cycle, every week or two, you will never be caught up. Apple, a multinational corporation that sells popular electronics, has been pumping out what is now perceived as “the best smartphone” for five years now. A new iPhone comes out once a year and every year they sell fairly well, even though the advancements from one phone to the next are very slight. Though the purchasing of a new iPhone every year is silly, it does fuel our economy. Apple headquarters is in California which means we are keeping the money in the United States.

Nowadays all it takes is a computer and a free program you can make your own programs to use and profit from. The versatility of the internet and computers has made it very easy for people to keep in touch. No matter how far away people are you can not only keep in contact through text via e-mail or instant messaging, but even through voice or video chat. Programs like Skype and OovoO, two different free to use voice and video chat programs, make it very convenient for the user to keep in contact with family members that may be seas away.

Gaming today is becoming more and more popular with the advancements in technology. Every new wave or generation of gaming consoles spits out unbelievable new graphics in comparison to...

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