Cause and Effect Paper About Aliens

Topics: Life, Human, Natural environment Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: December 1, 2010
Cause and Effect Paper

Ashamed of Human Society Today

With all the technical advances ( computers & cell phones) and the medical evolution you would think that we would be proud of our society, but when asked to write an essay about if aliens came to visit our planet from a higher developed civilization would we be proud or ashamed of the state of human race today, taking a deeper look into our race I can only conclude that they would be disappointed. Would they want to breath in our polluted air, see the disrespect that humans often give one another based on a race or culture, agree with our disregard for other living things, agree with our decisions to get abortions because we can’t live up to our mistakes, or would they be aggravated with the lazy people who just live life on the government’s welfare.

The first thing that I feel would disappoint these highly advanced creatures would be our neglect to the plant. Global warming is an ongoing issue. Although we know the cause for this epidemic we continue to drive our cars to and from work or school carrying on with our everyday lives. As the winters in some places seem to get warmer, people knowing the cause just ignore it. But, it’s not just the cars we drive and the pollution that we put in the air, it’s the neglectful student or classmate that see the garbage and yet, the garbage is still laying to the floor.

In addition to the disrespect of the environment, when I think of what we humans are doing to our other fellow humans, I would have to say that I am ashamed. People tend to judge other people simply by their race or culture and not for the person that they really are, or the things that they have accomplished in their lives. Racism is a big part of everyday life and it’s just not right. It can be as little as calling someone a hurtful name because of their color or religious beliefs or as extreme as murder. If these aliens from another civilization came here to visit I would be...
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