Cause and Effect on Unemployment

Topics: High school, Time, Future Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Argumentative Essay
The attendance and professional wardrobe is a forced policy at Central Pennsylvania College where Myla Lee attends school. Mr. Lee exceedingly believes that as he gets acquainted with these two polices at school, it will prepare him for his professional career after he graduates. Going on forward towards his career he will notice that these demanding polices will actual benefit him in his professional major which is in business. Central Pennsylvania College has established that the dress policy has helped a lot of students in their future lifestyles. Mr. Lee’s opinion on these policies is that they should be enforced because they train you to become an enhanced professional being. The main priorities you have to maintain in a career job are based off of your attendance and wardrobe. Attendance plays a major role for school now because it is preparing you to be on time for a job of some sort. If a doctor was late to your scheduled appointment and you need to get an infection cleaned you would have to wait longer know that you’re waiting for the doctor to show up. That’s why Mr. Lee feels that the Central Pennsylvania College needs to enforce these polices not only to be strict on students but to help them grow better as people and learn that they have to be on time and giving them the punishments for being late or absent. And Myla school policy for attendance is that for every fifth absent you get a letter grade drop from your grade that you have, if you had an A your grade would go to a B and etcetera. Also for the appearance policy, goes basically the same thing but as according to your jobs wardrobe. Central Pennsylvania College is a business school so all the student’s attire is a business professionally look. The dress code to some people is very degrading but Myla thinks that it benefits you from other students at different colleges that do not dressing up in a business professional attire such as Central Pennsylvania College students...
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