Cause and Effect of a Concussion

Topics: Traumatic brain injury, Player, Motor skill Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: July 17, 2011
Myles McMurray
July 10, 2011
Causes and Effects of a Concussion

Today around the world there is a large number of athletes playing in competitive sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and many more. The atheletes are ranged from pop warner football for the children all the way to the professional level. There are different levels at which each player can correctfully and fully develope in to the spectacular athletes that we have today. There are programs for todays youth to experience how to work as a team to overcome obstacles and also challenge them mentally as well as physically. The sports of my focus will be on American Sports. Also now that these kinds of programs are starting to engage with more and more participants there are safety precautions that must be met in order to keep eveyone that is playing safe. The biggest and most easily obtained injury in the game of football is a concussion.

One cause of a concussion is helmet to helmet contact in football. This is a pretty extreme controversey because in this sport it is really hard to control it with all the players flying around hitting one another all high speeds. Football has the highest rating for obtaining concussions in highschool sports throughout the country. Tackling wrong can hurt you and the other players during the live action occuring. Hitting helmet to helmet is very harsh to the brain and can cause memory loss and can ultimaley alter motor skills also. Kids and adults who experience a concussion for the first time may not realize they have actually suffered one.

Another cause is not knowing if a player has gotten a concussion during play. The earlier notice of the concussion can be for the better or for the worst for a player returning to a game. If the player is disoriented, slow to speak, and the pupils are dialated they have suffered a mild to sever concussion. They should be immediately removed from the game and be cared for medically as quick as...
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