Cause and Effect of Teen Pregnancy

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Cause and effect Teenage Pregnancy
There are many different causes of teenage pregnancy. Every teenage girl is brought up under different family and personal conditions, therefore presenting many different causes of teenage pregnancy. These causes can range from internal factors to external factors. Some of these causes include drugs and alcohol, sexual abuse and child maltreatment, and technology dangers. All of these contribute to teenage pregnancy. Sexual abuse and child maltreatment are probably the greatest cause of the teenage pregnancy. This affects teenagers in all areas of development like cognitive development, social development, psychological, and emotional development. When a teenage girl is sexually abused and maltreated, she usually develops bad self esteem and her confidence level drops dramatically. When this happens, sexual activity is used as a justification of her internal problems and also they sometimes think that they can find comfort in their partners. This is bad because when they think like this, it becomes more and more repetitive and they are more likely to become pregnant. However, sexual abuse and child maltreatment can be described as an internal problem which leads to an external problem. It is an internal problem because it affects the emotions, self esteem and confidence and it leads to external problems because it involves teenage pregnancy. There are many effects of teenage pregnancy most evident, teenage pregnancy creates a huge financial responsibility for the families involved. These adolescents are, often times, too young to obtain a job making an adequate salary to support a family and inexperienced they are also under-educated. The parent is then forced to work a low paying job to make ends meet, and with the rising costs of childrearing, it is often impossible to get by. There is an option of receiving public assistance, but a person must meet certain standards in order to qualify. People should not however look to...
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