Cause and Effect of Fast Food

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Fast food Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: March 1, 2011
Simply Convenient
It’s 6pm; you’re just getting off of work, and your exhausted. You have 30 minutes to get across town to the babysitters and pick the kids up before you get charged for an extra hour. Cooking dinner is the last thing on your agenda after a long day at work. There are eight fast food restaurants to your left and right, you pull in get yourself and the kids food for under five dollars and under five minutes: simply convenient. So many Americans today find themselves driving through a drive through picking up dinner for the family rather than cooking a home cooked meal. The outrageous amount of fast food that people consume in a week is becoming unbelievable. When getting off of a long day at work, you can’t help but to think about how nice it would be not to cook dinner that night. Simply pulling into a drive through to pick up fast food is not only extremely timesaving, but it’s a quick and convenient meal. With the ultra convenience of fast food restaurants, the abundance of such available food causes many health risks throughout the society. The only positive of fast food restaurants is their convenience. The fast food industry benefits from the lifestyles of the extremely busy people: those people who just don’t have time to “stop”, sit down, and eat a meal at home. According to Jekanowski, fast food restaurants are working to make drive throughs even more convenient than they already are: “Consumers can combine meal-time with time in engaged in other activities, such as shopping, work, or travel “(11). To do this, you just you just simply pull in, order your food and pick it up ready to eat at the next window two to three minutes later. Fast food restaurants are almost everywhere you look today, and the convenience of them is hard not to recognize. When driving from one place to the next you pass numerous fast food restaurants, and with the variety of food offered in just a couple of miles it’s tempting to just stop and pick something...
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