Cause and Effect of Divorce

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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The Cause and Effect of Divorce
The American Dream for your young girl is to grow up one day and meet their prince charming and to get married and live happily ever after. Marriage is the legal and binding union between a man and woman. Yet when couples marry, they vow to stay by their partner’s side ‘till death do us part.’ Currently that vow seems to have little or no value in today’s society.

Statistics shows, that the divorce rate hit a low of 3.4 divorces per 1000 population (0.68% of Americans got divorced in 2009). Divorce is the legal separation of two people who must break their vows because they no longer want the marriage to continue. There are so many causes of why couples get a divorce, but I would like to talk about the three main ones. Lack of communication is one main cause of divorce. When the line of communication fails, then the marriage fails because it will not work if either one of you cannot talk about your feelings or personal issues. Lack of communication will build up anger and frustration where there would be no agreement between the partners. The second common cause of divorce is financial problems. Spending too much, secret spending, Budget problems and penny pitching are a few of the financial problems that couples have and again not communicating effects it. Financial problems cause a lot of stress in your marriage and if it is not dealt with, than it will cause problems at the end. The Last common cause for divorce is lust. Man/women meet a man/woman and really like what they see and not realizing it is lust, finalizes that he/she loves her/him. Post marriage, the real situation unfolds and the marriage crashes. The couple concludes that they fell out of love, when they were never in love in the beginning with.
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