Cause and Effect of Cheating

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Cause and Effect of Cheating in School
Every action has a consequence, whether it is good or bad. The choices you make can follow you the rest of your life. Cheating is an issue that affects many students at one time or another throughout their education. There are many different ways to cheat: copying homework, looking over at a peers test, plagiarizing, and so on. Nothing good comes from cheating your way through school, the only person you are cheating is yourself.

There are serious consequences for cheating. Every teacher has different ways of punishing their students. Some teachers are hard on their students and give them the maximum punishment they can give them. However, as i’ve witnessed teachers are surprisingly lenient on their students. Many just give them a warning or make them retake the test. The problem with teachers doing this is that the students never really learn their lesson. It enables them to cheat more, if they know they won’t have serious consequences for their actions, they will be more willing to try to test their luck. Cheating is most likely to occur in students who lack effort in their studies. Students who do not attend class or do not study are not likely to get passed on their own. Therefore, they find cheating to be a good and easy way for them to pass. Nothing can be gained by cheating. Of course, a better grade may be given, but they are not learning anything by stealing somebody’s hard work. The cheater may be passing the class with a great grade, but where will the cheater be when the finals come around and they no longer have a way to cheat.

Cheating can result in a tragic cycle. Once you start it is hard to stop. A person may believe that they are benefiting themselves by cheating to receive a better grade. They put off studying and never really learn the material. At the same time they are doing well in the class. Many people may not see what the problem would be, less work and good grades. What’s to complain...
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