Cause and Effect- Longer Lives of Americans

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  • Published : June 13, 2006
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A Longer Life

In today's society people are living longer, healthier lives as compared to the yester years. Now the average lifespan of the everyday American has risen almost 30 years since the 1920's and continues to rise due to the built up immunities to old diseases, widespread education causing more doctors to be in the office, technological advances leading to the medical advances we are constantly using today and tomorrow, the media output of disease breakouts, and the personal knowledge of the everyday person of what is and what is not healthy is what is contributing to the ‘longer life.'

Today diseases that had run rampant years ago such as the bubonic plague, and scarlet fever are not at such a high risk any more since our bodies have built up an immunity to them and many others for that matter. This has contributed to the longer life of an American man, woman and child. Further more education also plays a large part in our lifespan. Without the education we wouldn't have the doctors in the office or the lab technicians in the labs or think tanks trying to find new innovations to discover illnesses and diseases, new machines that work harder and faster at detection, prevention and removal.

We would have not come this far if it hadn't been for our advances in medicine and technology. Without medicine to cure our illnesses we probably wouldn't be here today. All the new antibiotics and shots to prevent ailments. All the new hydration techniques. All of this has kept us here longer.

With the media as widespread as it is today it is easy to get the word out and they sure do it. The media output of new diseases, ailments, vaccines and others is a useful tool that we have all become aware and dependent on. "Healthworks" on ABC13, used as an example here, explores healthy lifestyles and new and innovative doctoral procedures used everyday. This is one of the most obvious, in your face, causes we live ‘a longer life.'

Further more we live a...
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