Cause and Effect Global Surface Temperatures

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Running head: Surface Temperatures

Cause and Affect of Global Surface Temperatures
John Doe
ES 330 Global Warming and Climate Change
Dan Stefenel
Upper Iowa University, Blackhawk Center
December 16, 2010

The climate has been changing for hundreds of thousands of years and has had both positive and negative affects. This essay will test the theory that man has caused a rise in global surface temperature by means of man-made emissions. Simple tests that can be repeated over and over will be illustrated. The research will show the affects to the climate from the increase of global surface temperature as well as the root cause to what creates a spike in the global surface temperature, either supporting or not supporting that man-made emissions of green house-gases do significantly and predictably cause increases in global surface temperatures. The term surface refers to everything in the earth’s atmosphere, both on land and water.

Cause and Affect of Global Surface Temperatures
Man-made emissions of green house-gases may or may not significantly and predictably cause increases in global surface temperatures. With an increase to global surface temperature some 125,000 years ago, it was believed that once man learned how to make fire, there was an increase in the global temperature. The more men that created fire to heat their caves and cook their food with; resulted in an increase in the surface temperature. This was notice over years as the hunters were noticing that they had to travel farther down the trail each year in order to reach the snow boundaries. In modern day, the burning of fossil fuels can be a key contributor to the overall warming of the earth’s surface temperature. With the industry and technology boom, man is releasing CO2 buried beneath the earth’s surface into the atmosphere. This raises the question as to whether or not this increase in global surface temperature affects the multiple weather patterns presently seen across the entire globe. The top two leading countries in the industrial and technologic fields are America and China, both of which show the least amount of concern with global warming. Polls show that America has a 49% of population concerned with the affects of global warming and China shows only 37% of population concerned with global warming. Many smaller, less fortunate countries show more interest in the saving of the planet and work with the resources available to them instead of creating new ways to advance their societies. The uses of hydrocarbon are economically important because major fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas, and its derivatives such as plastics, paraffin, waxes, solvents and oils are hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons, along with NOx and sunlight contribute to the formation of tropospheric ozone and greenhouse gases. Tropospheric ozone is a greenhouse gas and initiates the chemical removal of methane and other hydrocarbons from the atmosphere. No matter what period in time or what region of the globe, everything people do has effects on the planet both positively and negatively. It is said that releasing of CO2 and contributing to the green house-gases creates a blanket that allows natural light to enter the earth’s atmosphere however restrains it from leaving. This forms the hypothesis in which man-made emissions of green house-gases do significantly and predictably cause increases in global surface temperatures. This will need to be tested on or around man-made CO2 emissions in order to collect data to analyze the cause and affect it may have on global surface temperature. Once an experiment is in place, the theory will be tested and recorded and may include further research and testing by means of alternate experimenting. Thus drawing conclusions to the tested theory and educating those with no compassion for global warming, that the use of man-made emissions to create surfaces may...
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