Cause and Effect Essay

Topics: Drug addiction, Adolescence, Addiction Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: November 6, 2011

Addiction is a very serious disorder that plagues a great deal of men, women, and teens throughout the world. Different drugs affect people differently, but there are some drugs – like heroin – that are extremely addictive for just about everyone. Breaking the physical addiction that comes along with those drugs makes detoxication and rehab very challenging for both the doctors and the addict. New studies are showing that people who start abusing drugs at an early age or as a teenagers are more likely to trigger an addiction that can last a lifetime. So why do people start using drugs? Some people simply want to experiment others start using from social pressure and there are those who want to get away from a painful reality. The first reason people start using drugs is curiosity. Every person has an experimental phase where curiosity wins over logic. Mostly it comes around adolescence. They want to see what drugging is all about and have first hand experience. It is absolutely normal to try new things but they completely disregard all the warnings and there are many risks involved with trying drugs, even once. Drugs can have lasting effects on the brain and body. Using drugs often compromises judgment and physical abilities. Second reason is social pressure. It's not just friends who encourage risk-taking though peer pressure is one of the most prevalent reasons why people start using drugs, especially teenagers because they are very vulnerable and getting accepted in some clique is essential to them. For example if a teenager goes to a party and his or her peers will be taking drugs of any kind he or she will do it too because it would seem “uncool” not to. Even some adults would have some trouble refusing because no-one wants to be described as naïve or clueless. Also there are countless adverts and films that paint this behavior as glamorous and desirable. They do not realize that it might completely destroy their life. Their physical, emotional,...
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