Cause and Effect Anime

Topics: Time, Psychology, Person Pages: 1 (437 words) Published: July 13, 2011
People like to watch anime because it is interesting to watch and have lots of genre. The personality of each character is perfect for each genre and for the storyline of the anime. Anime is referred as “Japanese Animation”. Anime can cause an effect to people. The effect can be bad or good. Some example of the negative effect is people withdrawn from social life, become an obsessive person, and they make the personality of the character to be their personality. People can be a hikikomori (people choose to withdraw from social life) if they watch too much anime. They said watch anime is an outlet for those who do not have an opportunity to express themselves and also for those who want to escape reality even just for a short period of time. They become shut to other people and spend more time in the bedroom. Anime can make people want to watch more anime. For example, my friend did not like anime at all, but after he watching anime for the first time, he can not stop watching anime anymore. People who spend most time to watch anime can become an obsessive person. For example, my friend watching anime almost all the time he have. He likes the personality of character named Yui in anime K-ON, then he bought a collection figures of that character. The worse is they looking for partnership based on the character personality. People like to imitate the whole behavior of the character that they like the most in that anime. In other word, they want to become the character of that anime. If the character they like is an antagonist or the villains in that anime, they can start to act like that character in real world or they create their personality to match the character. For example, they like anime Detective Conan, and they like character named GIN from the black organization. The personality of this character is he do not mind killing people who can become an obstacle to achieve his goal. They start to imitate all the behaviour of...
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