Cause and Effect

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  • Published : January 20, 2011
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  Part time job is essential for students as it makes a student more active, gives some experiences and student can earn some pocket money. Many students need to get a part-time job to obtain enough money which allows them to complete their studying, because they have to pay fees for their schools. In fact, getting a part-time job could affect on students in many different ways. This paper will discuss about the causes and effects of student having a part time job. First of all, probably the most significant cause of students having a part time job was the earnings money. Many students need the money to pay for expensive schools, while other students need it to make their life easier. They will not worry about many things in their life such as food, rent and bills especially if they obtained lot of money from their job. Many schools are very expensive, even their parents can not pay all fees for these schools. Therefore, the students have to require a part time job which would assist them to provide money for schools fees and for themselves. Secondly, another event which led to the students work on a part time job was learning and language improvement.It is known that a part-time job help foreign students to improve their languages and learn more about different cultures because they meet a lot of people during their day. There are negative and positive effects on students who have part-time jobs. One of the biggest effect of students having a part time job is being taken too much time for working. Some students are working until midnight, so they have to sleep lately which could make them tired all day. If the students focus on a part time job basis more than their studying, they would be problem. Consequently, you could get poor mark in their studying. In conclusion, the two significant factors causing students having a part time job and its subsequent effects have been discussed in this essay. By doing part-time jobs, we can...
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