Cause and Effect

Topics: High school, Want, Nursing Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: December 1, 2010
Ashlee Bailey
Professor Moore
English 102
March 20, 2009
Writing Exercise Cause and Effect Essay
When choosing what to do for your career you need to make sure that is what you want to do. Once you have decided what career to go into, you then take the required classes for it. There are always causes that make you decide what you do. In life, causes always have an outcome of effect. In my life many causes are in the making of my outcome of my career. I have decided to pursue a career in the nursing field. When I took nursing in high school it helped me open my eyes to this field and I really enjoyed it. Nursing also has so many opportunities in the nursing field. I also enjoy helping people, and in this field you help so many people every day. This field is also known for the high pay as well.

My junior and senior year in high school I signed up for nursing and got in. I really enjoyed nursing my junior year so my senior year I was in it all year as well. My senior year I did my clinicals at the nursing home in Vienna Illinois and I loved it. I really enjoy helping people and obviously this field is known for helping people. Every time I helped one of the residents out I always felt good. Many times the residents don’t have anyone else to talk to besides the person that is helping them. I really enjoyed everything I learned during my nursing in high school that I decided to work at a nursing home outside of my clinicals. Once I got my CNA license. I decided that I want to go further. So now I’m going into the RN program.

Some students get into the nursing field just because of the money. Nursing is one of the highest paying jobs that you can get into in the least amount of time. Anything in the nursing field has a high pay. Depending on what you decide to do your pay will vary from the average $9.75 and up. For example, I am a CNA at a nursing home in Paducah and I get paid $9.75 some places give their CNA’s only $7.50. RN starting pay is $20.00...
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