Cause and Effect

Topics: Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Obesity Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: November 28, 2010
The Phenomenon Of Meth Use In the Inland Empire
Crystal meth, methamphetamine, glass, or whatever the chosen name, the reality is, Meth is a problem in the Inland Empire. Meth use in the Inland Empire is a problem because it destroys families, the community, and the abuser. Families are torn apart because of meth use and children are taken into the care of CPS; Child Protective Services. The crime rate in the community is higher than that of communities that don’t have meth users. Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug that damages the lives of the abusers and innocent bystanders, but with the right knowledge of what causes people to use meth, recovery for addicts can become more available to help stop the problem of meth use.

One reason that causes people to use meth is the cost and availability. Meth is very inexpensive to make, which also makes it less expensive to buy. Almost anyone can manufacture meth because it is so simple. If a person has internet access, it’s as simple as typing in a few key words and then the recipe and instructions are available in a matter of seconds. Meth is much cheaper than cocaine and is a lot more appealing to drug users because the high produced by meth lasts a lot longer than that of cocaine. A single hit of meth can keep an addict in a euphoric state of consciousness for up to twelve hours and only cost a mere five dollars. Cocaine, on the other hand, can cost around ten dollars and the effects can only be felt for a very short time, nowhere near the twelve hour high that doing meth creates. Because meth is less expensive and more accessible, meth has become the drug of choice among many people in the Inland Empire and is a problem among so many.

Another reason that meth use is so popular is because it appears to improve self image. A lot of meth users, especially females, use meth to rapidly lose weight and feel energized. Women feel so much pressure to be thin and to look like what the media has portrayed as...
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