Cause and Effect

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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Rui Zhao


ENG 030

04 November 2009

Cause and Effect
Becoming a foreign student is a very important and arduous experience in a person’s life. At the same time it is an experience that will change a person's lifestyle and personality forever. When I became a foreign student, many things changed or had to change. Being a foreign student you are going to miss your country so much, you have to get acquainted with the new environment, and you must be independent. The purpose of this essay is to discuss this three main effects of being a foreign student. The first and also the most common effect of being a foreign student is that once you leave your country, you start missing every thing in your country. You start missing your family, friends, and the food, even the sky, the weather, the air, almost everything. After I left my country I miss the food my mom used to cook for me so much. My mom doesn’t have any secret ingredients but every meal tastes like home. The next effect of being a foreign student is the fact that you have to get acquainted with entier city environment, since arriving a new city means you don't know anyone. And it maybe have a huge different culture from my own country. So you have to learn how to survive in it. you have to seach for my own way to success. When I got here, I didn't know what should I do, like a freashman in college. If I get lost I can't find way back and I can't ask anyone for help because I can't speak English at all, so in that time I couldn't even go to supermarket alone. The final and most important effect of being a foreign student is the responsible behavior you must develop during your way through the city. It forces me to be a responsible person because you're on you own. If you mess up some thing, you have to fix it by yourself. When you got sick you have to take care of yourself, and you have to learn how to deal with everything happen to you...