Cause and Effect

Topics: Writing, Final examination, Grade Pages: 9 (2126 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Syllabus: ENC 1101 Communications I – Spring 2013

St. Petersburg College, Downtown Campus
Section 199 – 5-6:45 Monday & Wednesday Evening
Classroom DT-DC 122

Instructor: Mark J Nusspickel
Phone: TBA
Department Phone: 727-341-4742

Academic Department
Dean: Dr. Martha Campbell, LA 187 727-791-2609 Program Director: Evelyn Finklea, 727-341-4369

Required Textbooks: The Norton Sampler, seventh edition, Thomas Cooley
The Little, Brown Handbook, twelfth edition
Flash Drive: Highly recommended for use in college computer labs or for problems with home printers.

Course Description: This course is designed to develop your composition skills. It emphasizes the development of the multi-paragraph essay and includes practice in information retrieval from electronic and other sources, as well as in the selection, restriction, organization, and development of topics. It also offers you opportunities to improve your proficiency with sentence structure, diction (word choice), and mechanics. Selected writing samples are examined as models of form and as sources of ideas for your own writing. Depending upon your major, this course partially satisfies the writing requirements outlined in the General Education Requirements.

Course Goals:
1. You will develop rhetorically effective compositions by writing essays that effectively demonstrate organization, development, unity, and coherence, restrict a topic, and focus on a central idea. 2. You will develop and employ critical thinking skills in the writing process by applying logical reasoning to ideas and concepts in your written essays. 3. You will employ Standard American English by writing grammatically correct and effective sentences. 4. You will develop multi-paragraph essays by writing effective introductions with a thesis, writing effective body paragraphs, and writing effective concluding paragraphs. 5. You will learn to retrieve information from electronic sources effectively, efficiently, and ethically.

Course Prerequisite: Satisfactory score on college placement test or successful completion of ENC 0010 and/or ENC 0020.

Attendance: Students will be automatically withdrawn if more than four (4) absences occur. Please let me know of any extenuating circumstances that cause a class absence. Classroom activities cannot be duplicated outside of class, making attendance essential to achieving a good grade.

Missed Classes: If you have been absent from a class session, please contact a fellow student or me via e-mail or phone about the assignments. Do not ever use the phrase, “I wasn’t in class,” as a reason for not completing the assignment.

Withdrawal from Class: January 11th – last day to drop with refund.
March 19th – last day to drop with grade of “W.” Students who withdraw or are automatically withdrawn after March 19th will receive a grade of “WF,” which will negatively affect their grade point average.

Plagiarism: A simple definition – using someone else’s words as your own. This also includes paraphrasing someone else’s words and not giving credit in your paper to the source. You must use quotation marks around words that are an exact quotation from another source. You must give credit to the author of concepts and ideas that are not your own. You must give credit to the author of any phrases or paragraphs that you have paraphrased (changed the words but not the meaning). Plagiarism or any other form of academic dishonesty (claiming someone else’s writing as your own) will result in an automatic failure for that assignment and may also result in other punitive outcomes, including expulsion from the class and the college. *Students must sign plagiarism disclaimer which will be distributed during the first day of class.

SPC Policies: Please visit and bookmark the “Syllabus Addendum” web site listed...
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