Cause and Effect

Topics: Parenting, Childhood, Parenting styles Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: November 24, 2012
It is estimated that there are over 2billion children in the world that is a huge number! Each of those children has parents who have their own idea on how to raise them. Children come from all different backgrounds and families; some parents choose to be carefree and not be strict with their children while others tend to set many boundaries. Some just have a reasonable number of boundaries for their children. Know matter which way a parent chooses to raise their child there are going to be effects on the children. Most parents try to find a happy medium and teach their children lessons by having a reasonable number of boundaries. The effects of being more laid back as a parent make the children responsible, makes them learn respect, and more honesty.

Parents who have a reasonable number of boundaries for their children teach them how to be responsible. As a teenager, my parents let me make most of my own decisions; I had some rules but for the most part I could do what I wanted. I think growing up like this made me more responsible. I knew I had my freedom but I also knew that if I got in trouble it would all get taken away. I think that this is the case for most children that have some boundaries. In time children learn how to be responsible and take responsibility for their actions. If children have strict rules they are not able to do anything, therefore, they could rely on their parents to take care of all their problems and if children had zero rules they would never get in trouble by their parents so they would not have to make smart decisions. Being responsible and making smart decisions is an effect of having parents who have a reasonable number of boundaries.

In today’s world, there are many children who do not show respect for adults or themselves. There are parents who do not feel like punishing their children for being rude or some parents who do not think their children are doing anything wrong. Parents who are strict will make...
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