Cause and Correlation

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Cause and Correlation
Vergia Wallace
March 8, 2013
Dr. Elizabeth Brook Morford

The difference between causation and correlation is extremely significant in systematic thought. These two notions get confused with one another whether it is a misinterpretation or having the aspiration to provide a reasonable description for scientific observations. As a result it is critical to have the understanding of the difference between the two concepts. In this writing I will compare and contrast the concepts of cause and correlation. Correlation is when an action or occurrence can cause another (like the fact that smoking causes lung cancer), or it can correlate with another (like smoking is correlated with alcoholism). When a person smokes they inhale several chemicals which will cause cancer. If someone was to convey a correlation with this data, they could come to a conclusion that the people who smoke are more expected to misuse alcohol. There is no proven fact that smoking causes alcoholism, however, there is a connection between the two concepts. When one action affects another then this means that they are definitely correlated. Causation is “when you say one thing causes another, you are saying that there is a direct line between that one thing and the result. Cause means that an action will always have a predictable reaction” (Conjecture Corporation, 2012). A Few examples of causation is when a person presses a button which causes the bell to ring and the disease-causing infection caused several people’s deaths. (Wealthy People are thin.) There is not proven fact that all wealthy people are thin. Being rich does not constitute skinny. So this really could go either way. I believe that it all depends on how rich people eat and take care of themselves. Although the have the means to stay thin with their money, resources, they have to eat right and exercise in order to maintain a healthy weight just like everyone else that has a...
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