Cause and Consequence of Rwandan Genocide

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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What were the causes and consequences of the Rwandan genocide?

The causes of the Rwandan genocide were deeply seeded to the collapse and struggle for dominance within a previously established hierarchy. The roots of ethnic conflicts often find themselves tied to arbitrary guidelines of division between groups. It is this segregation that leads to a fight for power when a hierarchy becomes destabilized. This is exactly the case with the Rwandan genocide of 1994: the intervention of Belgian colonialism produced strong ethnic stratification that once undermined by the abandonment of Belgian control, lead to mass murder, degradation of peace and longstanding ethnic tensions all in pursuit of wealth and power.

Much of the conflict between the Tutsi and Hutu ethnic bodies of Rwanda relied on the oppression and eventual uprising of the Hutu people. This oppression was not as evident prior to Belgian influence, which posed the people into a strict economic hierarchy. The Tutsi people seen as intellectually, socially and economically more proficient upon Belgian occupation were thrust into more fortunate conditions of esteem and prestige. While Tutsi’s were endowed with a greater sense of wealth and power, Hutu people were typically left to situations of forced manual labour. Inequality is known to harbor hostility and resentment, this is exactly the case with the peoples of Rwanda. The suppressed Hutu majority had been subject to mass murdering from a Tutsi controlled government military in addition to government segregation via identification of ethnic groups. The clashing of biases and categorized opposition of fellow countrymen on an economic basis with Tutsi people superseding Hutu people, was an apparent and established example of ethnic stratification. Ignorance toward a shared identity coupled with arbitrary control created conflict battling over power, wealth and influence.

When control of the state was released by Belgian authorities rallies for upheaval...
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