Causation of Crimes

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CheckPoint: Causation of Crime

Life Course Theories – criminologist believe that lying, stealing bullying and other conduct problems that occur in childhood are the strongest predictors of future criminal behavior and have been seriously undervalued in the examination of why crime occurs. Criminologist Michael Gottfredson and Travis Hirshchi believe that criminal behavior is linked to low self-control, they have also indicated that once negative behavior patterns have been established, they cannot be changed.

Social Process Theory - criminal behavior to the predictable result of a person's interaction with his or her environment and has the potential for wrongdoing, conditioned to do so by family or peer groups or institutions such as the media.

The life course theories and the trait theory are just theories, they all have to be constantly tested against the relevant data and adjusted when they fail to match the data.

I think that many crime trends can relate to the social process theory such as murder. Murder is a big crime trend not only in Texas (the state where I live in) but every where in the united states. The social process theory talks about how one can easily be influence by a peer group or family member or even the media. Chp. 2 has given us a good example on The Matrix and how criminals have used one of the three movies as an excuse to murder a person. Also, there are rap songs that talk about killing a cop!

Murder isn't as big in Texas, though as aggravated assault is here in Texas. Statistics show that as a violent crime by offense, aggravated assault is at 63%. Robbery falls in second place at 29%. Rape falls in third place at 7% and murder in Texas falls in last at 1%.

In the Texas Crime Analysis, murder happens every 6 hrs and 28 seconds, rape happens every 1 hr and 3 minutes, robbery every 15 minutes and aggravated assault happens every 7 minutes. Any of these crimes could have been cause for an insignificant reason or maybe...
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