Causation and Correlation

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Causation and Correlation Paper

Causation and Correlation Paper
The topic I am going to pick is “Wealthy people are thin”. This could go both ways I am thinking. Wealthy people have the means to stay thin. They have money, resources, and the means to keep there health in check. If you’re poor or not wealthy you basically have to eat or cook what ever is cheap and some healthy foods are not cheap. For these reasons I think the correlation for this topic could be a good one or a bad one, it just depends on what your economic status is and what you can or can’t afford. I think if I had to pick one or the other out of causation and correlation I think this topic is more causation. The reasoning for my selection is that if you are wealthy you have more options to stay thin. So for this being wealthy can cause one to stay thin. Another reason why wealthy people are more able to stay thin over less wealthier people is because like I have mentioned food is expensive and the foods they might need to get you might have to travel or go to special stores. Another way this is causation is because wealthy people can also afford personal trainers or even a gym membership along with weight loss doctors to stay on track. For all these reasons they cause wealthier people to stay thin.

Causation and Correlation in this weeks materials.
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