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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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January 17, 2013
Mr. Gordon Adams
381 Valley Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 81274

Dear Mr. Adams,

The committee has read and reviewed the letter that was sent to us. As we read through your letter, we realized that you are a great student with a lot of different accomplishments. All of the awards you have received over the years really stand out. We also think that it is great what you are doing, and are trying to do for the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. There are a few things that really stood out to the committee as we reviewed you letter, as follows.

The first statement that was brought up was that you have already had one math class which is Math 077. Math 077 is a basic math class that is there to help you build onto your math skills so that you are ready to begin college-level math. Even though you have taken this math course, doesn't mean that it was the only math course that is required to take, which you are aware of. Even though you said that you have previously scored the highest on a math test, we are not aware of what that grade might have been. Also, it is high school level so your one high grade doesn't truly prove to us why you should skip a college level class. Math 077 is there to prepare you for more challenging courses, such as the algebra required to complete your degree.

You also mentioned to us you have learned enough from the real world we are not sure about that. On a day-to-day basis we are using math. For instance, when you go to buy gas you look at the price and how many gallons you will get for that price, or when you pay for something, right? These are all different examples of math calculations that we do in our everyday lives. Sometimes we will need to know more than addition, subtraction, and percentages. This is why we require more math skills than just Math 077. We also have no way of knowing if your life experience has taught you enough to skip your other math courses.

You also have no way of guaranteeing that you...
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