Cattle Ranching and It’s Increasing Affect on Deforestation

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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There is More to Your Burger Than Meats The Eye:
Cattle Ranching and It’s Increasing Affect on Deforestation

One may not look at the hamburger in their hands and automatically think, “What was done to our environment in order to make this delicious piece of meat?” but it really is a question that any meat consumer should consider. Believe it or not, eating that one hamburger indirectly causes the rate of deforestation to increase every single day! It actually is quite simple how this hamburger affects both our environment and agriculture. In order for meat industries to be able to distribute their products to consumers, they need the cattle to be raised, fed, and grown and of course, cattle ranchers need a place to raise their cattle. In order for these ranchers to have space for the cattle to do so, trees are actually being cut down to make room for these pastures. In turn, one of the largest impacts that the meat industry has on our environment is its contribution to the ever-increasing rise of deforestation all over the world. The thing that most people do not realize is that the land being used to raise the meat that they consume, was once a flourishing forest. This process of deforestation starts when the land inside a forest is cut through to make a reasonable enough size path for a road to reside. Once the area for the road is cleared, commercial farmers will move in and start to grow crops. The problem with this is that rainforest soil is not efficient enough to handle crops that need sustainable soil. Needless to say, the crops do not endure for more than two to three years. More often than not, ranchers use the remnants of these now beaten down crops and grassy fields for their cattle to graze. There are many negative impacts caused by this deforestation and pasture conversion. With every tree cut down and cleared away, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are emitted into our atmosphere and pollute the air. The...
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