Cattle Ranches

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  • Published : December 27, 2012
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The Part Played By The Cattle Ranchers In 1892

The Johnson country war started in 1892 in a town called Wyoming. The war was between the Cattle Ranchers and the Homesteaders. The war started when the first farmers on the plains clashed with the cattle barons who had there ranchers on the land . There were a lot of disputers mainly over fencing and waterholes. This lead to a series of clashes know as the range wars. The governor of Wyoming called Barber supported the cattle ranchers. He stated that the homesteaders were rustling their land. The sheriff of Buffalo ( Red Angus ) supported the homesteaders who said that the cattle ranchers were stealing there land. The cattlemen regularly caught and hanged local homesteaders. One of there famous hanging were the hanging off Ella Watson and Jim Averill who were a poor couple. The cattlemen assembled a list of 70 rustlers they wanted killed. In spring 1892 they hired lynching party 0f 43 cattlemen including 20 hired gunmen. The cattlemen attacked a ranch known as the KC ranch. They killed Nick Ray and his partner Nate Chapman who was a foreman of the local Northern Wyoming farmers and stock growers association. The Homesteaders responded by raising a posse of 319 men, who rode out of town and trapped the cattlemen at ranch. The cattlemen were fortunately rescued by the Army. The cattlemen were charged with murder, but they bribed the jury and the case was dropped. Nevertheless the war marked the end of the of the power of the cattlemen. Both the Cattlemen and the homesteaders showed civil disobedient by taken the law into their own hands.
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