Topics: Cat, Felidae, Felis Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Cats. The first thing that comes to a person’s mind would be the cute little cuddly furballs that we can cosy up to. Not forgetting How they look at us with their majestic eyes that gleams like emeralds while purring softly and the cuteness overload when their lick their fur to clean themselves. Cats are naturally stereotyped to be domestic pets that one can keep at home and play with. However, Not all cats are like that. There is a species of cats known as the jungle cats which are a drastic opposite of our ordinary domestic cats. Jungle cats , Felis chaus,are larger than domestic cats as they range from 55 to 94 centimetres in length, a relatively short 20-30 centimetres tail , and stand about 36 centimetres tall. Their weight varies but without doubt the male is larger than the female cat. They somewhat resemble a small lynx due to their short tail and legs. Their fur colour depends on their subspecies as it can range from yellowish grew to reddish brown and others. The most distinctive feature of a jungle cat is the presence of equal-sized claws on both fore and hind legs ,unlike those of common domestic cats. These allow it to climb down trees as easily as up, with its head facing downward Jungle cats inhabit savannas, tropical dry forests and reedbedsalong rivers and lakes in the lowlands. Despite their name , they are not found in rainforests. They prefer wetland environments with tall grasses or reeds in which they can hide in. Jungle cats are unable to survive in cold climates and so are not found in areas where winter snowfall is common. Jungle cats  frequent jungles or open country, and are often seen in the neighborhood of villages. Jungle cats utilize not only sight and hearing while hunting,but also their sense of smell. They hunt for mainly rodents ,frogs , birds , hares, squirrels , juvenile wild pigs , as well as some reptiles. They also feed on domestic chicken and ducks. Like most other cats, they hunt by stalking and ambushing their prey,...
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