Catholic vs Lutheran

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  • Published : August 2, 2010
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For my final project, I chose to compare the Catholic and Lutheran religions. I was born and raised in the Roman Catholic faith and have always attended a Catholic church. In fact, I even attended Catholic schools my entire life, so I am very familiar with the religion. I chose the Lutheran religion for comparison because I hear that it has some striking similarities to the Catholic religion and it interested me to find out both the similarities and differences between the two.

The Lutheran religion was founded in the 1500’s by a German monk and professor, Martin Luther, and is the oldest Protestant denomination. Luther was born into a very traditional German Catholic family, but as he grew into adulthood and became a monk, he studied the Bible very carefully and felt there was a great disconnect between what was written in the Bible and what was actually practiced and taught by the Catholic Church. He also became very discouraged and disillusioned by the corruption and abuses he witnessed within the Catholic Church. His initial hope was to create reform in the Catholic Church by his sermons and writings, but what ended up happening was the creation of an entirely new religion. “Martin Luther taught that salvation comes by the grace of God and faith in Christ alone, and the many rituals and works prescribed by the church were not only unnecessary, but a stumbling block to salvation. He rejected such traditions as the intermediary role of priests, priestly celibacy, the Latin Bible and liturgy, purgatory, and transubstantiation, and advocated for the scriptures to be available to the laity in their own language.” Even though Luther rejected much of the Catholic teachings, he still accepted and taught the concepts that he felt accurately reflected what was in the scriptures. It is because of this that the Lutheran religion still has a similar “feel” to the Catholic religion and it is what...
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