Catholic Visit

Topics: Christianity, Christian terms, Holy Spirit Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Catholic Visit
For my third religious visit, I decided to attend a Catholic Church, St. Mathews. I used to go to service with my friends when I was much younger, but never really had an understanding about it until my recent visit. Since It had been a while, I couldn’t remember what was appropriate attire for the service so I called the church before going to ask what I should wear. The lady on the phone said for women, they should wear something such as a nice dress, skirt or pants. When I arrived at the church it looked nice but not fancy; just the way I remembered it from my younger years. It had a brownish colored brick with a huge cross emblem in the front. There were a lot of flowers, as well as candles lit. When I walked inside, the halls were a little dark. They had a lot of different rooms for bible study, etc. When you walk in the main worship area, there was a small fountain and everyone was touching it and doing cross like movements on their chest. Even though I was going for observation, I decided to follow along with what they were doing. Come to find out, it was holy water that is blessed during Easter celebrations and is also used through out the year for baptisms, for blessing themselves when entering and exiting church. They made a cross symbol on their chest and said “in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.” As I was looking around, I noticed there were little fold down benches on the back of the pews. During some prayers and after songs, people would kneel down on them and pray. The service started off by music being played which consisted of a piano, and choir. The songs were about praising God and thanking him and glorifying him. After the music, pastor Luis V. Evardoni walked up. The pastor had one of those collars around his neck that had that white square in the middle which is called a clerical collar. It symbolizes a sign of a person’s holy calling. The pastor then made all of the announcements about...
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