Catholic and Jewish Rituals Stemming from Sacred Texts

Topics: Torah, Bible, Judaism Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: March 31, 2013
In the last few thousand years, various religions have made the choice to record their various stories and teachings, to eliminate the “Chinese Whispers” effect that alters the details of these important themes. These writings are often utilised by those who follow the religion as a reference point to base their rituals on. The monotheistic religions of Christianity, more specifically Catholicism, and Judaism are both largely founded in their respective sacred texts and rely on these as a story to live by that guides and directs them through their ritualistic lives. Some rituals comprised from elements in religious texts are the community worship, a day of rest and the use of bread as a spiritual symbol.

The form of community worship used by Catholics is the mass. Traditionally, it occurs on Sunday morning, and it attended by the Catholics of the community (The Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, 2008). However, in more modern times, it is only the more devoted worshippers that regularly attend mass at a cathedral/church/chapel. Within the mass are many rituals comprised from bible stories, such as the reciting of the Our Father. It is in the bible when Jesus is asked how to pray by his disciples, Luke 11: 1-13 (The Catholic Youth Bible, 2004). It was here that the Messiah first prayed the most well known Catholic prayer, which is used routinely by not only Catholics, but all of Christianity. The recording of this incidence in the scared text provides a reference point for the ritual of prayer in Catholicism. Jewish peoples attend the Synogogue, where they also pray as a community. This community is split, men and women must worship separately, as combining the two genders will cause a distraction and reduce the focus the individuals may place on their prayer (, 2012. During the time that is spent in the Synagogue, ritual dictates that the Torah is read at various points throughout. The Torah is made up of the five books of Moses, as it is said that on...
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