Cathode Ray Tube

Topics: Cathode ray tube, Electron, Crookes tube Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Cathode ray tube is used for producing images, when an electron beam hits the surface made out of a phosphorescent, and the cathode ray tube is basically a vacuum tube. An example of a cathode ray tube is a computer desktop and the picture tubes in television are similar to the cathode ray tube in television. There are numerous components of cathode ray tube, which are the Electron gun, Anodes, Coil, Phosphor-coated screen, electronic beam and the spot through which the beam passes through. In a cathode ray tube, the electronic gun has to A nodes, two coils in the centre, which is known as the ELF field, as the electronic beam passes from the A nodes to the spot in the phosphor coated screen which has a spot in between. The spot is produced by the light which strikes the phosphor coated screen. Anode and Cathode are used as synonyms, where anode is the positive side of a battery and cathode is the negative side of the battery. There is a glass tube in which a vacuum is created, in which there is the cathode, in shaped of a heated filament. Since anode is positive and electrons are negative, this makes the anode attract electrons which are spilling out of the cathode. For example, in a television, to focus on the spreading of electron, tight beam is used and accelerated by an anode which increases its speed. Cathode ray tube was one of the initial tools to form color displays by coating phosphors and forming pictures containing different colors. The main problem which occurs with graphics is that a picture must be produced which has the same color characteristics input at run time. The part which requires a picture to be produced is simple. To integrate colored displays, one must know about the basic colors used for pictures, which are red, blue and green. These three colors are primary colors and can produce any other color; different ratios of the three primary colors need to be chosen to accomplish this and a person can form million different colors. The color...
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